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    Specialists in providing you with cost-effective and reliable energy solutions for your home and business.

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    We are leaders in commercial solar energy solutions across manufacturing, agricultural, commercial property, hospitals and solar farm projects.

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    Latest Projects

    We recently completed a 500 panel installation for the DuctShop in Kempton Park. The client is now benefiting from a 70% saving on their monhtly electricity bill.

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Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

Why rent your electricity at a premium when you can OWN IT yourself? Invest in solar energy today and reap the benefits of additional freed up cash flow for your business.


Benefits of PV solar include:

  • Drastic reduction in your electricity cost
  • Cheapest form of energy in South Africa
  • Depreciate your system in the 1st year
  • Increase in your property’s value
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Achieve green star ratings
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Set the standard!

Our Solutions comprise Off-Grid, Hybrid and Grid-Tie solar systems 


Our photovoltaic (PV) systems range from small roof-top mounted or building-integrated systems with capacities of a few kilowatts, to large-scale megawatt plants. We provide the full solution, from solar panels and inverters, to aluminium solar mounting parts, cabling and other electrical accessories. Our warehouse is always stocked to meet short-deadlines. 


Our systems are custom-designed to meet your requirements and comprise stand-alone, hybrid or grid-connected technology. Our grid-connected systems feature unique anti-grid technology engineered by us whereby no electricity is fed back into the national grid. We partner with the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers to supply only A-grade panels for our projects. The local climate is ideal for polycrystalline (poly-Si) technology, however if required, monocrystalline (mono-Si) panels are also available.

Our solar panels are guaranteed to provide a minimum of 80% efficiency after 25 years of service and have a 10 year manufacturing warranty.

Business owners, did you know that according to Section 12b of the Income Tax Act no 58 of 1962, companies can now benefit from 100% depreciation of the asset and all supporting foundations and structures required, within the first year on all PV systems smaller than 1MW.

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We are leaders in engineering, supplying and maintaining PV solar systems for commercial applications.

Our engineers view each project from a holistic view point, monitoring your facilities current electricity consumption, idenitfying areas of concern, and desiging a solution that will help you reach your goals, whether it's to move the facility off the grid completely, take off the peak demand, or reduce your total electricity consumption and bill by a certain percentage.


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We only supply A-grade PV panels with poly-Si or mono-Si technology with a minimum 80% efficiency after 25 years. Coupled with our industry leading inverters, ports, batteries, cabling and more, our are solutions are designed to suit your specific application ensuring a continuous and reliable flow of electricity.

Our solutions comprise:

  • Grid-Tie Connected Solar Systems
  • Hybrid Solar Systems
  • Off-Grid Solar Systems

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Substantial Return on Investment

Reap the benefits from the substantial monthly saving on your electricity bill. Our systems generally pay themselves off within 4 years, after which you will have freed-up cash-flow to invest elsewhere.

South African Revenue Service (SARS) has made a new allowance that can assist in putting money back into your business. 

  • From 1 January 2016 you can depreciate the cost of the asset by 100% in the first year
  • Any foundation or supporting structure that is critical to the operation of the asset will also qualify for the allowance
  • In order to qualify for the 100% allowance you must be certain that it is for a small-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy with a generation capacity of less than 1 megawatt
  • The system installed must be for business use

Some of our latest projects include:


Our solutions and products are at the forefront of global trends, and our engineers continuously strive to ensure we remain the leaders in our field. We Guarantee Productivity by providing a consistent supply of electricity to your operation, you will benefit from guaranteed uptime and will not be affected by load-shedding.

Some of our suppliers include:

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